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Singapore Red Cross' Historical Milestones

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement stands today as the largest and the longest-lived humanitarian movement in the world, endowed with a distinctiveness which derives from its Fundamental Principles, its values and modes of operation.

The Singapore Red Cross, with its contributions over the past 70 years, has a special place in the local history and stands as an example to communities and organisations with humanitarian objectives. This microsite preserves, promotes and disseminates knowledge of the Singapore Red Cross’ historical heritage, so as to inspire current and future generations.

Celebrating 70 years of Serving Humanity, Saving Lives

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My Red Cross Memories

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Lim Neo Chian

I have fond memories of the days I spent as a Red Cross Youth cadet at Raffles Institution, back in 1966-1969, during my secondary school days. Each week, we learnt and practised first aid and polished our foot drills. We took special care to look good in the white uniform and in our polished boots....

Ong Wee Chee

I am known amongst my friends as ‘Mr First Aid’ as I carry my first aid kit with me everywhere I go. This habit has proven useful time and again. A few weeks after I completed my first aid course, I witnessed a road accident at the junction between Marine Parade and Joo Chiat. Two children had...

Ngah Narciso Boon Kiat Amos

I was giving blood in blood donation drive when I was 16 years old where I ask one of the staff there in how to volunteer with SRC & this is how my volunteering with SRC started . My 1st volunteering activity would be the Typhoon Haiyan last year where I help to pack the box to be send . This ye...

Lucy Li

Since I was age of 18,I loved to do volunteer work to reach out for others. I picked up cycling when I was doing my second FAOW duty this year which allows me to reach out to people beyond first aid post. Giving is always better than receiving. I always believe that one day those who receiving help ...

Julienne Reblora

I’m a youth blood donor and advocate, working at Raffles Medical while taking part in Red Cross Activities. I was heavily involved in organizing Youth Favourites 2014 - Blood Ties, a themed blood donation drive, geared towards recruiting mainly youth donors aged 16-25. I started out as a Red Cros...

Elsie Tan

When I decided on a career change in year 2000, I wanted to do something more meaningful. I came across an ad for a Personal Assistant to Secretary General and decided to give it a try. I was touched by the passion and sincerity by the then Secretary General Mrs Geri Lau to help the less fortunate i...

Phua Lam Cheng

I am a grateful beneficiary for the service as it lightens my family's financial burden. I also like the service provided by the TransportAid responders.

Jeremy Nguee

Delivering a child is a joyful yet painful process. It can also be a difficult and scary time for their partners too. This was definitely the case for me. My wife, Liang Shumin, 31 had a close brush with death after developing complications following the delivery of our baby son, Shane. Like all new...

Terry O'Connor

As one of the largest retailers of electrical, IT and furniture products in Singapore, Courts is committed to giving back to the community in meaningful ways, one of which is its annual Courts Charity Golf Tournament & Dinner.  The Red Cross Home for the Disabled was the charity golf tourn...

Chow Yin

My journey with the Singapore Red Cross started when I was studying in the university. We would often see notices about blood donation drives being held on campus and we would donate blood. I remember how impressed I was with the skills and knowledge of the volunteers involved. It was when a course...

Krishnan S.P.T

The year was 2002. As part of our company's CSR activity, we used to organise an annual blood donation drive every year. I was part of the organising committee. During our previous drives, we had observed that the number of people turning up for our blood donation drive was inversely proportional to...

70 Years of Serving Humanity, Saving Lives

A commemorative exhibition featuring true life stories, heritage artefacts and Red Cross-themed postage stamps from the world over - the first regional showcase not to be missed.

October 2019
Junction 8
Open to Public:
Free Admission
October 2019
Raffles City Shopping Center
Open to Public:
Free Admission
October 2019
The Star Vista
Open to Public:
Free Admission
October 2019
- 3
November 2019
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